airRM at a Glance


Revenue Optimization

Identify opportunities and make pricing decisions that boost your bottom line.


More Profitable Decisions

Achieve an advantage in the marketplace and stay competitive with smarter decisions.


Real-Time Insights

Leverage insights from multiple data sources to manage thousands of flights simultaneously.

Apply Proven Forecasting Technology

Forecast using models influenced by year-over-year history, competitive fare positions, look-to-book ratios, and user-defined events, whether using a leg, segment or O&D-based inventory strategy.

Gain the analytical intelligence and accuracy tools you need to build forecasts for individual flight departures, as well as precision of forecasts created by the system, over time.

Proven Forecasting Technology
Optimize Revenue Opportunity

Optimize Every Revenue Opportunity

Maximize revenue on every flight, and throughout the network, by selecting the ideal optimizer for your particular situation.

Take advantage of revenue generating opportunities by configuring optimization variables at a system, market, or flight departure level.

Leverage Multiple Inventory Controls

Attain unparalleled flexibility and control in inventory management and reporting through numerous real-time flight-level controls, while quickly reacting to variables.

Seamlessly manage revenue-critical flight decisions with time-saving tools that query and action flights seamlessly with a click of a button.

Multiple Inventory Controls
Market Influences

React to Market Influences

Enable quick responses to real-time shifts in market dynamics with more than 100 powerful breakthrough reporting tools, making it easy to look at rich, integrated data in hundreds of ways.

Leverage these tools to determine not just the quantity, but the value of future bookings and revenues, using a unique methodology.