railRM at a Glance


Incremental Revenue Gains

Utilize innovative price optimization techniques to increase revenue potential on every single departure.


Maximized Capacity Utilization

Allocate and optimize inventory capacity in real-time according to demand.


Advanced Forecasting and Optimization

Use intelligent algorithms to improve expected revenues by seat, segment, and route.

Factor Dynamic Cabin Support

Simultaneously control the capacities of multiple cabins, and enable tangible revenue gains compared to using conventional static approaches.

Enable competitive fare matching tools to map cabins against those of competitors, and import multiple cabin fares of other operators.

Dynamic Cabin Support
City Consolidation

Achieve City Consolidation

Execute accurate forecasting and optimization at the journey level, for any city combination, producing availability controls that enhance revenues.

Apply revenue management controls through user defined business rules, as well as journey and segment controls.

Use O&D Revenue Management

Build a forecast of expected future booking activity for every O&D using demand forecasting and price sensitivity analysis to optimize revenues from market demand.

Implement inventory settings that capitalize on price points for a given departure, and incorporate a flagging system that utilizes over 30 exception types for specific route departures.

O&D Revenue Management