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V Air Selects airRMexpress As Its Revenue Management System

SEATTLE - November 5, 2014

Revenue Management Systems (RMS) is excited to announce that it has been selected to provide V Air with airRMexpress, its cloud-based revenue management system. V Air joins more than 45 other airlines around the world that benefit from RMS' market leading software. airRMexpress integrates sophisticated forecasting and optimization, other inventory control methodologies and reporting tools into a comprehensive revenue management suite.

"V Air is a brand-new airline and the first low-fare carrier based in Taiwan which will bring many new and affordable travel options to people there," said Lawrence Siao, RMS Vice President of Marketing - Asia. "Even though they are just starting out, V Air will be able to utilize airRMexpress from day one as the system contains alternative inventory control methodologies that don't require historical data. Once they do build up some history, the forecasting models in airRMexpress will give them even more options for managing their inventory and maximizing revenues."

About V Air

More information about V Air may be found at www.flyvair.com.

About RMS

Revenue Management Systems, a Mercator Company, has been developing airline revenue management systems in cooperation with some of the most successful airlines in the world today. Their most popular product, airRM, is used by over 80 airlines including Tiger Airways, Ryanair, AirAsia, Virgin America, flydubai, and Jetstar. RMS products help their users realize higher revenues and increased staff productivity. RMS, founded in 1996, was acquired by Mercator, a leading provider of software platforms and product-led solutions to the global travel, transportation, and logistics industry in April 2016. RMS is headquartered in Seattle, Washington (USA) with offices in Australia, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Spain, and Singapore. More information about airRMexpress and RMS may be found at www.revenuemanagement.com.

About Mercator

Mercator is a leading provider of software platforms and product-led solutions to the global travel, transportation, and logistics industry. The company helps move the world in the safest, fastest, and smartest ways possible. Every day, over 3 million passenger journeys and 70,000 tons of cargo are processed with Mercator products, enabling them to analyze large streams of data and deliver actionable insights that drive value for their customers. For more information about Mercator please visit www.mercator.com.

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