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KC International Airlines Selects airRM as its Revenue Management System

SEATTLE - February 20, 2018

Revenue Management Systems, an Accelya Group Company (RMS), is proud to announce that it has been selected to provide Cambodia’s newest airline, KC International Airlines with its state-of-the-art revenue management, inventory control, and reporting tools. airRM will enable KC International Airlines to identify sales opportunities, maximize passenger revenues, closely control pricing, and analyze performance.

“Based on the evaluation of our experts who have more than 10 years RM experience, we have decided to choose airRM as our RM system,” said Jesper Teng, Commercial Manager, KC International Airlines.  “We are also honored to become the first RMS customer in Cambodia. The powerful and comprehensive functionality of airRM, and the professional consulting service provided by RMS, will empower us to meet passengers’ needs and gain a big competitive edge in the market. They will support our growth into a leading regional airline in Southeast Asia.”

“There is enormous potential for Cambodia’s aviation sector to soar in the coming years,” said Landie Qiu, Manager of Sales and Support – APAC. “KC International Airlines is RMS’s 17th customer in Southeast Asia, and the very first in Cambodia. Adding KC International Airlines is a great opportunity for RMS to bring the latest RM technology and best practice techniques – which have been so effective throughout Southeast Asia – to KC International Airlines and the Cambodian market. Our all-star airRM system and our team’s industry-leading expertise will help accelerate KC International Airlines’ growth and success.”

About KC International Airlines

KC International Airlines Co., Ltd. is established by Chinese and Cambodian investors with $100 million registered capital. The HDQ of KC International Airlines is in Phnom Penh international airport. Siem Reap and Port Sihanouk are operational bases. KC International Airlines focus on the major markets of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia region. KC International Airlines is a full-service airline operating popular business routes. The vision of KC Airlines is to become the safest and most popular local airline in Cambodia and a leading regional airline in Southeast Asia region.  More information can be found at http://job.carnoc.com/list/2933.html

About RMS

Revenue Management Systems (RMS), an Accelya Group Company, is a global leader in revenue management solutions for the aviation, rail, and cargo industries. Our software helps more than 90 airlines, rail operators, and cargo carriers worldwide make faster, smarter and more profitable decisions, driven by innovation and foresight.  RMS is headquartered in Seattle, Washington (USA) with offices in Australia, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Spain, and Singapore. More information about airRM and RMS may be found at www.revenuemanagement.com.

About Accelya

Accelya is a leading provider of financial, commercial and analytics solutions to the airline and travel industry. Accelya helps airlines integrate and simplify their financial processes; to better manage costs, risks, revenue leakages, cash flows, profitability and overall business performance. Accelya partners with airlines right from the time a ticket or an air waybill is issued, all the way through its entire financial lifecycle and until the data is converted to actionable intelligence. 

Accelya’s commercial solutions help airlines steer sales and strengthen their business relationship with travel agents. It provides insights on airline sales performance, agent performance, route performance and instantly identifies potential for growth. It also helps airlines manage agent incentive program for higher agent satisfaction. Backed by solid data, Accelya’s analytics and consulting services enable airlines to take informed decisions by forecasting market trends, identifying revenue opportunities and optimizing costs.

With over 250 airline customers, Accelya’s operations are spread across 19 countries and employs over 3000 professionals worldwide. For more information please visit www.accelya.com.

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