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Swoop selects and goes live with airRM as its Revenue Management System

SEATTLE - February 14, 2018

Revenue Management Systems, an Accelya Group Company (RMS), is proud to announce that Swoop, WestJet’s new ULCC subsidiary, has selected and gone live with airRM, RMS’ state-of-the-art revenue management, inventory control, and reporting tools. airRM will enable Swoop to identify sales opportunities, maximize passenger revenues, closely control pricing, and analyze performance.

airRM is a continually evolving airline revenue management system with ground-breaking tools that integrate and display a wealth of critical information from multiple sources, enabling airlines to make better and more profitable decisions. The solution is currently used by more than 90 of the most successful carriers in the world.

“Swoop is Canada’s first true ultra-low-cost-carrier (ULCC). When it came to revenue management, our team of experienced airline professionals made clear that airRM was the best choice for Swoop,” said Michael Claeren, Head of Revenue Management and Pricing at Swoop. “airRM was quick to implement, easy to test and bring online, and offers a multitude of advantages when it comes to flight management. The easy visualization of flights, dynamic Business Rule configuration and ease of system reporting not only drives high productivity per analyst but also keeps training costs low both at launch and over the long term. We are confident that all of these efficiencies are gained without any sacrifice in applying industry best practices or in maximizing revenue opportunities in a competitive marketplace. Swoop is impressed with the flexible and knowledgeable support offered to the Swoop team throughout the launch process and are confident that the airRM team is invested in our success as we grow our network across Canada.”

“This is a very happy and proud moment for me,” said Ben Druce, VP of Sales & Support – Americas. “For many years, including much of my time at WestJet, airRM was an integral part of the airline’s continued success. Now, with the introduction of Swoop, airRM will be there too, helping ensure that Swoop and the WestJet Group once again transform the Canadian marketplace.”

About Swoop

More information about Swoop may be found at www.flyswoop.com.

About RMS

Revenue Management Systems (RMS), an Accelya Group Company, is a global leader in revenue management solutions for the aviation, rail, and cargo industries. Our software helps more than 90 airlines, rail operators, and cargo carriers worldwide make faster, smarter and more profitable decisions, driven by innovation and foresight.  RMS is headquartered in Seattle, Washington (USA) with offices in Australia, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Spain, and Singapore. More information about airRM and RMS may be found at www.revenuemanagement.com.

About Accelya

Accelya is a leading provider of financial, commercial and analytics solutions to the airline and travel industry. Accelya helps airlines integrate and simplify their financial processes; to better manage costs, risks, revenue leakages, cash flows, profitability and overall business performance. Accelya partners with airlines right from the time a ticket or an air waybill is issued, all the way through its entire financial lifecycle and until the data is converted to actionable intelligence. 

Accelya’s commercial solutions help airlines steer sales and strengthen their business relationship with travel agents. It provides insights on airline sales performance, agent performance, route performance and instantly identifies potential for growth. It also helps airlines manage agent incentive program for higher agent satisfaction. Backed by solid data, Accelya’s analytics and consulting services enable airlines to take informed decisions by forecasting market trends, identifying revenue opportunities and optimizing costs.

With over 250 airline customers, Accelya’s operations are spread across 19 countries and employs over 3000 professionals worldwide. For more information please visit www.accelya.com

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