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AnadoluJet Goes Live with airRM Revenue Management System

SEATTLE - February 13, 2018

Revenue Management Systems, an Accelya Group Company (RMS), today announced that AnadoluJet, a Turkish regional airline headquartered in Ankara, and a fully owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines has gone live with airRM, RMS’ innovative airline revenue management solution.

Since launching its operations in 2008, AnadoluJet has expanded its flight network to more than 42 airports and 67 destinations. The airline operates more than 200 flights daily in and around Turkey, offering passengers affordable prices, streamlined services, and innovative approaches to new technology and customer connectivity, making travel around the region more convenient than ever.

As the chosen partner of more than 90 airlines, airRM has proven itself as the solution for today’s most forward-thinking airlines. Developed to meet the needs of every tier of the industry – legacy, hybrid, LCC, and ULCC - airRM is a flexible solution featuring ground-breaking predictive and optimization functionalities that will enable AnadoluJet with enhanced forecasting of demand and optimal pricing to respond to real-time shifts in market dynamics, and achieve increased network revenue.

In using airRM, AnadoluJet will have total control, visibility, and automation over their revenue management function, along with the ability to combine and integrate additional data sources with their daily booking information. Data including ancillary revenue, external third-party competitor intelligence feeds, web data, and competitive fares can all be integrated into their revenue management operations, thereby significantly contributing to improving the airline’s bottom line.

“We are delighted to be working with AnadoluJet,” said Adrian Flores, Vice President of Sales and Support EMEA at RMS. “It’s a growing airline committed to creating new ways to deliver value to its customers while achieving profitable network growth. By taking the lead in moving to modern revenue management practices, AnadoluJet, with the help of airRM, can realize its true revenue potential and ambitious goals."

About AnadoluJet

More information about AnadoluJet may be found at www.anadolujet.com.

About RMS

Revenue Management Systems (RMS), an Accelya Group Company, is a global leader in revenue management solutions for the aviation, rail, and cargo industries. Our software helps more than 90 airlines, rail operators, and cargo carriers worldwide make faster, smarter and more profitable decisions, driven by innovation and foresight.  RMS is headquartered in Seattle, Washington (USA) with offices in Australia, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Spain, and Singapore. More information about airRM and RMS may be found at www.revenuemanagement.com.

About Accelya

Accelya is a leading provider of financial, commercial and analytics solutions to the airline and travel industry. Accelya helps airlines integrate and simplify their financial processes; to better manage costs, risks, revenue leakages, cash flows, profitability and overall business performance. Accelya partners with airlines right from the time a ticket or an air waybill is issued, all the way through its entire financial lifecycle and until the data is converted to actionable intelligence. 

Accelya’s commercial solutions help airlines steer sales and strengthen their business relationship with travel agents. It provides insights on airline sales performance, agent performance, route performance and instantly identifies potential for growth. It also helps airlines manage agent incentive program for higher agent satisfaction. Backed by solid data, Accelya’s analytics and consulting services enable airlines to take informed decisions by forecasting market trends, identifying revenue opportunities and optimizing costs.

With over 250 airline customers, Accelya’s operations are spread across 19 countries and employs over 3000 professionals worldwide For more information please visit www.accelya.com.

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