cargoRM at a Glance


Actionable Insights

Recieve real-time alerts and notifications to make proactive and profitable decisions.


Proven Forecasting

Apply inventory control techniques independent of accurate demand forecasting.


Real-Time Pricing 

Optimize pricing to capture revenue opportunities and remain competitive.

Analyze Your Air Cargo Performance

Gain the analytical intelligence and accuracy tools you need to monitor the overall health and performance of your air cargo operations.

View a summary of your flights, in configurable dashboards and heatmaps, to quickly see which flights are not performing as expected. Compare flights and make changes on multiple flights at the same time to improve efficiency and optimize revenue.

Proven Forecasting Technology
Optimize Revenue Opportunity

Leverage Real-Time Pricing & Booking

Recieve bid prices on all possible routes for a booking request. Utilize pricing requests and booking updates to calculate look to book ratios.

Leverage route pricing capabilities to view routes and route prices in origin, destination, departure date, customer, and product type combinations. As prices are generated dynamically by cargoRM, users can verify current prices. 

Forecast Flight Capacity

Forecast air cargo capacity based on passenger forecasts and travel conditions. Utilize a cost-based model with probabilistic cargo capacity to calculate optimal overbooking levels across weight and volume.

Calculate and leverage the relationship between price and customer demand segmented by time until departure, customer, and type of shipment.

Multiple Inventory Controls