Case Study

AirAsia: A RASK Success Story with airRM

Air Asia

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The Challenge

AirAsia Berhad had created one of the most successful new airline brands in the world. Seeing numerous opportunities to repeat the success AirAsia enjoyed in Malaysia, the holding company launched a long-haul business and joint ventures in other countries.

In addition to smart branding, AirAsia executives knew that careful control of seat inventory and pricing would be critical to their expanding operations. They needed a revenue management system that could easily integrate data from multiple AOCs and could grow with their organization.


The Solution

The implementation of airRM at AirAsia takes advantage of the leverage and economy of scale the airline has achieved by extending its brand with a common hosting system and uniform inventory structure to ensure revenue management best practices are applied to all AirAsia business operations.

AirAsia is now able to manage and report on the group’s seat inventory and pricing. As the first airline revenue management system to incorporate ancillary data, airRM allowed this growing source of revenue to be an integral part of the equation for Air Asia. airRM enabled AirAsia to make the most intelligent pricing decisions possible, and their airline’s RASK increased by 3.5% on a year-over-year basis.

“With price being one of the most important aspects of the AirAsia brand, we rely on airRM to make sure we offer the right fare for every seat on every flight. We have found that no other system gives us better control of our seat inventory. airRM’s superior reporting capability allows us to quickly and easily monitor how the market is responding giving us further confidence in our revenue management efforts.”

Seamus Moriarty

Head of Revenue at AirAsia