4 Requirements of Truly Innovative Airline Revenue Management

An airline’s competitiveness is increasingly dependent on taking advantage of emerging technologies to accelerate revenue growth. This eBook explores the characteristics that define an innovative and change-oriented airline revenue management strategy.

4-Requirements-of-Truly-Innovative-Airline-Revenue-Management_landingpage.jpgWhat's in the eBook?

  • Understanding innovation in airline revenue management

  • Leveraging transformational leaders

  • Creating a culture of innovation

  • Solving problems effectively

  • Taking smart risks

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“Ryanair selected airRM after an evaluation process involving a number of other vendors. We were impressed with the comprehensive range of reporting and analysis tools within the system and the speed with which ideas are turned into working features by the team at RMS. airRM gives us the right yield management platform to support us as we continue to grow profitably in the coming years.”

Ciaran Brannigan -Director of Load Factor & Pricing at Ryanair

“The daily data capture stored by airRM is an invaluable source of detailed flight information which we can access quickly and easily. The airRM Reports Suite enables us to create clearly presented management and performance information that can be used by various stakeholders throughout the business. In addition to the daily scheduled reports that are automatically e-mailed throughout the airline, we can also quickly support data requests from senior management or departments by creating ad-hoc report queries.”

Monarch Airlines